What our customers say...

  • Amitabh James Hans

    Points which matched my expectations:
    1. Material variety, size and quality
    2. Print and embroidery
    3. Timeline - I thought one week is enough time span and as promised, delivered right on time with two split consignments accommodated.
    4. Reasonable Cost
    5. Lalitha was very helpful and extremely patience. It was good to check material and sizes and for surety before order.
    6. Expect more variety and combination of gift item ideas, etc would like ties, lapel pins, stickers, etc

    Expectations, points to be careful about or improved upon:
    1. Mix-up on combination of sweatshirt delivered as to what I ordered which I conveyed to Lalitha
    2. I could have ordered caps but not impressed by the quality
    3. Accommodate less quantity at higher cost for personal orders. More quantity works for institutional/commercial orders.
    4. Maybe more colors, quality and variety of sweatshirts, Tees, etc

    One thing for sure is that I will order again and will also recommend others.

    Thanks again,
    Amitabh James Hans
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