• Screen Printing

  • The screen printing process involves the making of a screen that will consist of open spaces. These open spaces exactly represent the design that needs to be printed on the apparel. The screen will be held together by a frame. The making of a screen has to be carefully done such that the specifications of the design are exactly replicated on the screen. Typically, each colour will require a separate screen to be prepared. 

    The screen has to be placed on top of the apparel.  The dyes, that have been prepared to the right pantone shade of each colour of the design, are placed on top of the screen. An operator will then use a squeegee to push the dye through the openings so that the dye is transferred to the apparel. The transfer of the dye will be exactly compliant to the design. 

    Multiple colours for the design will require the screens to be loaded in turn. These have to be very carefully done such that the multi-coloured designs are exactly replicated on the apparel. Typically, a maximum of seven to ten colours can be done using this technique.

    Minimum order quantity 10 pieces.